It’s Official – I’m a huge success

I was just looking through the BBC News website, because I’m easily distracted like that, and I came across an article titled ‘IS LITERARY FAILURE THE NEW SUCCESS?’ and I screamed “hell, yes”.

And in that moment of reading I went from being quite literally nothing, to becoming Joseph Heller. If for one moment we can entertain the following concept; that a country’s status is inversely proportional to the length of its national anthem, then it’s clear the same must apply to success and failure. Or to put it another way, the bigger the failure I am, the greater the success I have become.

I’d like to point out that I am humble about this and I will remain completely unchanged by fame. You will obviously feel a frisson of something intangible when you read my blogs now, and I understand that, but to me, you are still just you. And I will still be me; intelligent, kind, human, dignified, tall… immensely modest.

It will be nice to lay my weary head upon my silk monogrammed pillow tonight, and enjoy such sweet dreams as my success shall bring. I hope the maid has turned down my George Hepplewhite four poster just so.

Author: Dominic Penhale

Blog for the new novel 'Looking for Eden' by author Dominic Penhale

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