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Selling England by the Pound

Some of these posts may appear slightly anti-American, but they are not. They just reflect changing times that seem driven by the US in particular, and one particular President – the death of liberalism, the return to isolationist nationalist policies (driven by a country that drove globalisation in the first place), the return of intolerance… and so on.

Of course the UK can add its own name to the list, or at least those individual’s behind Brexit, as well as those behind similar movements across Europe – the rise of religious fascism one might say.

Anyway, Jack Water may be a confused middle aged English man, a weak liberal with socialist tendencies, but he does keep his eye on such things, recognises movements and trends, and he is worried and pissed off.

“I’m worried and pissed off”

Jack Water

Trump state visit to the UK

To celebrate the state visit to the UK of the President of the USA, Donald Trump, our man Jack Water gives his expert opinions.

It all seemed like a damn good idea at the time – think of an interesting and humorous way to publicise your new book across social media platforms. Except that it has become a bit of an obsession. Instead of waking in the morning and getting on with something useful like turning a buck or continuing writing the sequel to Looking for Eden, I get up, read the news and waste an idle time amusing myself.

I call it ‘In the Mind of Dominic Penhale’, a place no one should wish to go. In fact it should be ‘In the Mind of Jack Water’. It’s a strange place to be, and I should know, because I live there, and even I am never quite sure what to make of it all.

Dominic Penhale - German Cars Exhaust Scandal

Dominic Penhale - Walkers Stable Genius

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